Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glimpses of Color

Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkwary,

you get a first glimpse of this fall's colors.

Can't wait to view it at its peak!!



red along

the shore


Price Lake


JFKlaver said...

Oh, these photos are such a tease, but beautiful—enticing. I do so love fall and the colors. I look forward to future posts...

Barefoot from Heaven said...

OMG These are stunning. You live in the most breathtaking places of the world my friend. Love the fall colors. Hugs Dagmar

ols1 said...

What gorgeous photos - looks like heaven. I would just stop and look at the reflection on the water for hours. Beautiful!!

kendalee said...

Oh can't wait to see how these develop... so gorgeous! Autumn's colours just touch me so deeply.