Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We're Dreaming of a White Christmas!!


We're dreaming of a White Christmas in the Carolinas,

Something we seldom see,

I've only had one in my 39+ years.


I'm actually dreaming of lots of things right now -

A little time to myself,

reconnecting with friends who mean so much,

looking forward to the new year to

reconnect with the real me again,


The past few months have been almost like a snowball-

rolling events together everyday until it becomes

this huge overwhelming orb that I can no longer carry;

When my best is never enough,

regardless that I've given my absolute all.


This morning was another overwhelming life event -

For the past several months, I've been trying to move

to another position within our company.

Today was my second interview.


Few things are more nerve-wracking

than an interview with a panel of people all asking questions.

I tried to do my best, which wasn't really all that good today.

Regardless, the decision is made. Now, more waiting while

life continues to pound away at my little world.


"Life" has kept me away from my writing for far too long.

I've been looking everyday, around the world at all my friends

sharing your lives, sharing the beauty around you.

Hopefully, I can rejoin you all very soon!!



Jeanne Klaver said...

I always try to remember that if I don't get what I want, it's because there's a better place for me. And you know, it has always happened that when I didn't get what I want, I wasn't dreaming "big" enough. I pray that you receive the job that will lead you where you need to be. Just take some deep breaths and enjoy the season. Things have a tendency to work out for the good—even for you!

Teresa said...

Thank you, Jeanne....I'm hoping the pressure will be off now that the interview is over...and I can concentrate on being with my family.

ols1 said...

I hope your path leads you to where you want to be.

joyce said...

Good luck with the position. I'm sorry you've been feeling so rushed lateley...a quote for you from Maya Angelou "You did the best with what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better"