Tuesday, July 14, 2009

100 Things I Love

His eyes from across the room,
Sweet Buddy who meets me at the door
like it has been a week since I’ve been gone,
Christmas Trees all trimmed up for the big day,

Sailboats tied to the dock,
Beagle Puppies, Fried Flounder,
Sweet Tea on a hot day,
Moma’s Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner,

Watching for nightfall on the back porch,
Waterfalls, Hiking,
The Blue Ridge Mountains,
Watching the light of the sunset filter through the trees,
Listening to your voice as the story of your life slowly unfolds,

Hearing the waves lap along the shore while
lying in a hammock at the lake,
Sweet, Long Kisses, Surprise hugs from behind,
Watching a baby sleep,
The moon reflecting off the ocean all the way to the shoreline,
Writing my thoughts out,

Art Museums, Good Friends,
Hearing Bossman say - “You did a Great Job!”
Holding your baby for the first time,
The color Red, The Coastline of Italy,
Candle-lit dinners, Kayaking,
Fly-Fishing, Motorcycle Rides,

Sharing popcorn while we watch the same old movies
over and over again, Champagne,
Seeing my son perform a concert in “Rock Star” mode,
Hearing my husband sing me a love song,
Goldfinches, Woodpeckers,
Birdbaths, Lilies,

A Chaise Lounge, Looking at Stars,
Mountain Streams, River Rocks,
Roses, Weddings, Snowcreme,
The feeling of being “In Love”,
The Sound of baby birds,

The sky before sunrise,
Searching for the ISS,
Nature Trails, Holding Hands,
Baby horses, Pecan Pie,
Any movie with Meg Ryan,

A Silver Maple Tree in the Fall,
The Wrens in the Blue Bird box,
A Sleeping Porch, A new dress,
Windchimes, Pin Oak Trees,
My son’s artwork,

A friend’s voice - just when you need it,
Long talks on the phone,
Real handwriting from a pen pal,
Wrapping paper and ribbons,
Clean, fresh sheets,

Your husband rocking your baby to sleep,
New art supplies, Wild blackberries,
Tulips blooming in the Spring,
The family gathering for the Holidays,
New Year’s Eve parties,

Fireworks over a lake, you get to see them twice,
Hay on the rolling hills near home,
A roaring fire in an open fireplace,
Christmas Morning, Sleeping In,
Taking a child to the Zoo or Aquarium,

Valentine’s Day, Rainbows,
Blue Eyes, Hot Air Balloons,
Baby deer that still have their spots,
Listening to a really hard rain shower,
The smell after the rain,

A man who loves me unconditionally,
A week’s vacation in a mountain cabin on a private lake,
Someone who really listens,
Roasting marshmallows over a flame,
Wooden boats,

A great love story,
Little girl’s Easter dresses,
Time to let my thoughts wonder,
The smell of the ocean,
Freckles across a child’s nose,
A field full of black cows,

When my son plays the Blues on his guitar,
Sea shells and looking for sharks teeth
A horseback ride along the river,
A sweet hug after a long time apart
Now, if anyone took the time to read through all of those, you know me a little bit better.
Today Sandy is celebrating her 100th post and wanted us all to join in the fun.
Kamana is also celebrating her 100th post.
It suprised me how long it took to come up
with 100 things I love,
but I wanted them to be from the heart.


kendalee said...

What a FABULOUS list! I savoured each and every word and there are many things here that would make it onto my list too. I did this same exercise not very long ago and I so enjoyed doing it and felt so good afterwards - it's lovely to focus undivided attention on the things you love, isn't it? I vowed to do it more often and you have reminded me that it's about time I did it again... Thank you!

Sandy K. said...

I absolutely love your creation - a great excercise, as kendalee says. I really needed to visit this topic with myself and this was a great way to do it. We all need reminders.

Hubbies rocking the babies gets me every time:)

ols1 said...

It is good to be reminded of the things we love and love to do. I like reading about your favourite hundred things.

Anonymous said...

and these are from your heart - i can see that. your husband rocking your baby to sleep - that is such a lovely thing to watch, isnt it? i love watching my hubby with our kids and everytime it just melts my heart.

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

This is a beautiful list, and I loved learning more about you. Its the simple things in life that makes me happiest as well. You have inspired me to make a list now :)
PS. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my Spring greeting cards collection. I appreciate your feedback! :)

joyce said...

Of course I took the time to read the whole thing...and what a great idea for 100 day! I'm going to have to do this too, in my "list" book! Are you lucky enough to have all 100 things??

Barefoot from Heaven said...

What a nice list. I'm getting to know you even better this way.
Have a happy weekend. Hugs from me to you.

Anonymous said...

a rolling tongue thought...

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