Thursday, June 18, 2009

At Dusk

Buddy and I are sitting on the new screen porch at dusk. It is almost silent. The fireflies are blinking all over. The tree frogs are just starting to sing their nightly song.

The greens of the trees and grasses are slowly turning to blackness. Through the trees, I can vaguely see the sinking sun turning the distant clouds to a beautiful pink. But no, I will not chase even that photo down tonight. Tonight, I'm searching for calm, quiet, and peace.

Down below me, there is a calla lily that my husband gave me two years ago. He brought it to my office not long after I got my job back. It was a deeper pink then, when it was smaller. It soon outgrew the pot, and I brought it home and planted it around the bird bath.

The white flowers seem to glow just before dark.


J.H said...

I loveee lily! Especially the smell of it :-)

Anonymous said...

love the swirl of the lillies.

Sandy K. said...

The lily is magnificent, and I wish I could get some great closeups of the swirl. Great memory to go with it, as well.

Relyn said...

Oh boy, would I love to be where you are. I do so love fireflies and tree frogs.

kendalee said...

Beautiful!! Where I grew up these lilies grow in abundance in the wild and bloom in the spring and early summer along the roadside- so lovely!

Look forward to seeing you at the picnic if you can make it... :)

ols1 said...

Goregous lilly - I can just see the pink - what a beautiful description of a lovely evening :)