Monday, June 1, 2009

Living The Dream!!!

Sweet Neil,

my first born,

my red head,

my fireball.

You reached your first major goal! You won the prize! You ran with honor! We are so proud of you!! Looking forward with anticipation to what you will become.

You are already soaring into this new world, full speed ahead. No one has more passion for their future than you do. We are amazed you have worked so hard. You are already
living the dream; soak it in and enjoy.

But remember, I love you for who you are!



Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh Teresa, there is this big blush on my cheeks. I am so very sorry I forgotten all about your blog and visiting it. Forgive me dearly.

I'll put you onto mine instandly. Because the fact you are a nature girl too, and coming from the country give us a click I believe.
Be well and talk soon.

Thanks for your sweet words on my space.

joyce said...

Congratulations to your son....he sure made you proud!!

Sandy K. said...

How proud we are of our children and their accomplishments. We had a musical/drama queen living with us:). Oh my - such joy and such...drama! Congrats to your son, and thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreicate your response to the travel post. Come again:).

JFKlaver said...

It looks like you and your son are close. Keep hold of that. I'm glad he likes music because it will always be a comfort to him.

Chris said...

How sweet! It must be so incredible to watch your kid growing and learning and achieving such great things :)